Ceremony music!

We have decided on our ceremony music! I got confirmation from our Pastor today that the musician can play our songs. We are having an acoustic guitarist play. Very simple, very beachy, very “us,” since Brian played guitar a lot when we first met. He hasn’t played very much recently but maybe he will pick it up again.

Anywho, our guitarist will play for 30 minutes prior to and after the ceremony. Here are our picks for the actual ceremony itself:

Family and bridal party entrance: “I Will” by The Beatles.

My entrance: “Sunshine of My Life” by Stevie Wonder.

Recessional: “Blessed” by Brett Dennen. I couldn’t find an acoustic version of this but Dennen uses an acoustic guitar in the original anyhow.

What do y’all think of our picks? We didn’t want to go too obviously beachy, like Beach Boys, Jack Johnson, etc. We both love The Beatles, Brian has ALWAYS thought of me when he hears “Sunshine” and “Blessed” is such an uplifting, happy song!


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