“Kristen is a fantastic thought leader, a modern day Don Draper. The (awesome) funny thing about Kristen is how involved she gets with projects and how her mind is always ticking.
Kristen is the first one I go to with anything I make, she looks it over carefully, thinks about it, and what follows next is simply awe inspiring — a rush of brilliant ideas, directions, and thoughts geared towards making the best possible websites in the world. “

Jeremy Gordinier, former coworker

“Kristen was a great asset and Project Manager. I had the pleasure of working with Kristen on three client accounts and we were a perfect match like peanut butter and jelly. I truly appreciated her enthusiasm, professionalism and positive attitude and that was the type of team member we needed. She’s a jack of all trades with her past experiences and simply a ‘Go Getter’! When she has a goal or assignment, she’ll go the distance to get it done. Grateful to have met and worked with Kristen!”

Jay L. Yu, former coworker

“Kristen has been a valuable member of my Web Account Management team at Disney. She easily stepped into her role and truly partnered with the business units she supports to understand their strategy and bringing it to life by delivering quality website output. Kristen is a great communicator and pays close attention to the details. I have a high level of confidence in her abilities to manage a project through the complete lifecycle, as she’s proven it in the time and time again while on my team.”

Patricia Duerr, Disney Parks Product Director