Doing our part to help the economy

Whew! I’ve had a couple busy days at work. My mom and I are constantly e-mailing and calling about stuff like champagne flutes, cake servers, etc.

We both just want to get a lot of these small details wrapped up and bought so that we can concentrate on getting my dress fitted, finding an outfit for my mom, and so that I can work on the programs!

Here are a few more things we need to buy:

1. Flowers for the flower girl.

2. Tiny acrylic diamonds for reception centerpieces.

4. Small starfish for reception centerpieces and flower girl basket trying to decide between finger/pencil starfish and knobby starfish — any thoughts?

5. Starfish pew markers.

6. Wedding photo guestbook — I have decided on Blurb and I have already started on it! I think it is going to look phenomenal!

7. Two large baskets for wedding program fans. Odds are my mom already has a couple of these but we’ll see.

I am also thinking about getting bottled water and putting it at the ceremony site in a large tin bucket tub with ice and personalized water bottle labels. We’ll have some older folks attending so I think it would be a nice gesture.

I’m going to be blogging about my bachelorette party and our videographers soon!


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