>My celebrity crush list

>So, because my fingers are still crossed, and because I don’t feel like blogging anything wedding-related, I give you…

My celebrity crush list. Which only has two guys in it. Whatever, I’m picky.

1. Gavin Rossdale. He just turned 42 and still looks AMAZING.

Look at him with his son. Is that not adorable?

My love for Gavin goes back to approximately age 12 or 13, when Bush’s Sixteen Stone was uber-popular. Remember Everything Zen, Little Things, Machinehead, Comedown and Glycerine? I was OBSESSED (And Comedown remains my favorite Bush song). I saw Bush on tour for Razorblade Suitcase in 1997, and a few years later at Music Midtown in Atlanta. I also saw them during spring break 2002 in Panama City, Fla. I digress. Anyway, I personally think Gavin is one of the most beautiful human beings alive, and the fact that he is married to Gwen Stefani makes him that much cooler in my eyes. There’s something about those British rockers, no?

2. Bret Favre. Just turned 40.

So while some may criticize Favre for his team-hopping as of late, I don’t. I just look at him and drool over his looks and marvel at his arm strength, even as he turned 40. I think he is a guy who has gotten even more handsome as he’s aged, a la George Clooney. He’s also part of the other demographic of men I love – Southern. He even has a chocolate Lab, just like Mango!

So there you have it. My two celebrity crushes. I wish I could say I had more, and while I think guys like Chace Crawford an Robert Pattinson are beautiful, they’re younger than me. So um, no.

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