>Do you ever?

>Do you ever get that feeling that everything might just fall into place for you?

Like maybe you were feeling down about some things. Worrying, brooding over some issues, be it your weight, your finances, what have you. Then maybe a couple small, positive things happened to you over the course of a few days. Nothing big, just small things like a good meal, accomplishing some things at work, catching up with old friends.

Then… maybe something BIG happened and it might, just might lead to something great.

Well, that’s how I’m feeling these days. (c:

5 thoughts on “>Do you ever?”

  1. >Kristen, this is my first time commenting, and I have to tell you that you and your blog are so precious! As for how you feel, I am right there with you…sometime it seems like your luck just changes in an instant. I hope you have a wonderful week and will definately be following your blog! 🙂


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