One Lovely Blog Award!

So I was catching up on all my blog reading and perusing The Luckiest Mrs.‘s blog….she had received a cute award…hum de dum, how sweet, reading, reading…who did she pass it on to? ME! I hardly ever win blog awards (because I don’t blog here enough, yes, I know. I work for a web site but I have a huge computer screen in the middle of a newsroom and sadly can’t be on Blogger all day lol although its tempting on slow news days.)

So anyway, here’s the award:


Yay! Thanks so much to The Luckest Mrs. for passing this on. Now I get to pick 10 ladies to pass this on to. Please bear with me because I’m pretty detailed as to why I’m passing this on!

1. Freck from It’s FIve O Clock Somewhere, because she has already followed me at my new blog address and I love reading about her FABULOUS life in Chicago!

2. KLC from Tales of a Northern Belle, because she also is following me here at the new blog address and she always has the cutest clothes and is so open and honest about her life.

3. Brittney from Running in High Heels, because she also is following me here at the new blog address and because she is a beautiful Florida girl making her way in D.C.!

4. LPC from -Privilege because she is an elegant, educated woman contemplating her WASPy ways. I’ve learned so much from her and sometimes wish that my family had the same sort of grand history as hers.

5. Carly from A Disney Wedding, because she is an organized Disney bride passing on a lot of great wisdom and beautiful photos. I got a lot of ideas for our honeymoon from her and she really got me pumped for the trip!

6. Bri from Habbala because we found each other on 20 Something Bloggers and she is just the sweetest! She is going through the aftereffects of a bad breakup so please read her blog and be there for her because she rocks.

7. Lindsey from Learning To Be A Wife because she is a pure, sweet soul and I love reading about her life with her husband.

8. The Southern Housewife from Her Southern Charm because she is very dedicated to her life as a homemaker and because she makes the cutest stamped jewelry!

9. After The Alter because she found me on Twitter and starts a lot of though-provoking discussions on her blog!

10. Heather at Southern Bride because we got married on the same day…April 25, 2009!


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