Wedding Day: Part 1

Part 1: Nail Salon

I woke up on the wedding day around 9 a.m., in preparation for arriving at the nail salon (Top Nail & Tan in Gulf Shores, AL) with my 4 of 5 of my bridesmaids and my mom around 10 a.m. (One bridesmaid, Brian’s stepsister Tiffany, already had her nails done so that’s why she didn’t come) The weather was about as close to perfect as possible, so I was feeling good and ready to go. I dressed in jeans, flip-flops and my trusty button-down RL Polo blue and white striped oxford shirt.

It took every ounce of restraint NOT to wash my hair since I was supposed to show up at the hair salon with somewhat dirty hair for my half-updo. Normally I wash my hair every 24-36 hours so I just took a shower without getting my hair wet — it felt so strange, but I knew it would help the hairdo in the end!

My maid of honor Robin insisted on feeding me breakfast — eggs and turkey bacon — and she and I were a little late behind the other bridesmaids and arrived at the nail salon around 10:20 a.m. Sidenote on Robin: she has been a bridesmaids 17 time as of my wedding and she really knows what she’s doing as fa as weddings go. She rocks.

All went smoothly with getting our nails done. I picked out a shiny medium pink OPI color (LOVE OPI!) that is still looking good on my toes a month later as I type. The nail technician treated me to their special bridal pedicure, which included a hot rock treatment for my feet and a mask and major exfoliation for my legs. I turned on the massage chair and relaxed as much as I could. For my manicure I opted for an American, and I was really happy with the results there as well.

The nail salon did a great job with me, my mom, and 4 bridesmaids and had us all out of the shop by noon. Bridsmaids Jennifer and Sevanne were dispatched to Starbucks to buy coffee for everyone. Robin and I were the last to be done at the nail salon around noon.

Unfortch I don’t have any photos of getting our nails done as we were all makeup-less and hadn’t had our morning coffee yet.

Photos to come in Part 2: Hair and Makeup!

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