A warm welcome to Cox

Something that's been especially nice about this big life transition is the warm welcome I've received from folks at my new company, Cox Media Group. I've yet to even load the moving truck for WFTV in Orlando, and already several from across the company have reached out over Twitter, LinkedIn and email to congratulate me in my new position as WFTV web manager and welcome me to the Cox family.

A big thanks to Mathilde Piard, Rob Quigley and Lauren Davidson for their insight on working at Cox during my interview process. Also — a big thanks to Mark Joyella for putting a good word in for me.

Finally, waving "hi!" to my new coworkers who have reached out: David Pait, Fred Steube, Reena Bhardwaj, and Dan Prudhomme. I look forward to working with all of you!

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