>Short hair! eeek!

>So tonight after work I have a hair appointment with the fabulous Elenie of Kissin’ Frogs (though, considering she is engaged now, I think she is no longer Kissin’ Frogs. lol.) Elenie recently switched hair salons to be closer to home and she is now working out of a salon in the Birmingham area, which is right down the street from my old apartment!

I am taking the plunge for real this time, into the world of shorter hair. I have not had my hair cut since March. Yep, March. I got it cut to that length between chin length and shoulder length, but of course since then it has grown out about 4 inches. It’s just blah, limp and lifeless, because I had been saving money by going to a local hair school and getting a $10 haircut.
But this time I am going to a REAL stylist. And a bloggie friend at that!
Here is what I am going for. I put this out on twitter and facebook a little bit ago and already got some positive responses.

Yep that’s Kristin Cavallari. So what do you think?

7 thoughts on “>Short hair! eeek!”

  1. >I think it looks so cute! I know what you mean about haircuts, though. Mine was last cut in April, and I am guessing it won't be cut again till September, so I'll be right there with you. I'm starting to resemble Cousin It, ha ha!


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