Magazine addict, reformed.


I am a magazine addict, you see. Reformed. In the near past, I subscribed to a dozen or more magazines. Sadly, some of my favorite magazines have folded — RIP Jane, Domino and Blueprint. Others I simply did not renew, such as Lucky (nearly all items featured are out of my price range) and Vanity Fair (all ads and would just rather read the articles online). I believe I’ve even let my Allure subscription lapse, and that was (still is) truly one my my favorite mags.

WHY these magazines folded and why I’ve let other subscriptions lapse is a whole ‘nother post. I studied magazine journalism in school, and I can definitely say that the rise of the blogosphere is just one reason why interest in magazines is waning. Personally, I’d much rather hear about YOUR beauty routine and must-have products, YOUR fashion finds, and YOUR latest home improvement project.

So by attrition and lack of interest, I suppose, my magazine subscriptions have dwindled and now I receive only Glamour, Shape, Marie Claire and Better Homes & Gardens. Each of these I receive because they are offered through mycokerewards.com or other rewards programs that I’m signed up with. In Glamour’s case, they were offering $1 one-year subscriptions a while back.

BUT of course there are still some existing magazines that I appreciate. Real Simple has always been one of my favorites — its layout and photography are to-die-for and I think the mag itself looks pretty on a coffee table. At the same time, it’s useful & informative. Very few magazines are both beautiful and useful. My mom receives RS, but I could never pull the trigger on coughing up $20+ per year for the mag. But some of you lovely bloggie ladies alerted me to the $5 one-year subscription sale, and I received an e-mail tonight telling me that my first issue will arrive in 6 to 10 weeks. Hooray!

I think if I could subscribe to any more magazines, it would definitely be Cooking Light and Coastal Living. I could use some photo inspiration of coastal-style exposed ceiling beams for our latest project in the laundry room, and some low-cal recipes for hubby to make in the kitchen. But magazine subscriptions cost money, don’t they? Sigh.

What are your favorite magazines?


1 thought on “Magazine addict, reformed.”

  1. My addiction to magazines is out of control, too. As a fellow magazine journalist student, I like to blame my major. Except, I was the same why in high school before J-school. I’ve had to cut mine down to only health mags. The blogosphere helps, though. I don’t need the fashion ones when I have such style icons I can read about in real life!


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