New blog layout

I’ve put up a new blog layout, though I’m not really completely happy with it. Luckily I saved my old blog layout on my home computer so I can always go back to my lovely blue hydrangeas.

My mom finally gets home tonight so that we can finally get cracking on some wedding business! She was supposed to come home Tuesday night but decided to change her flight because of the big ice storm. She was supposed to have a layover in Dallas and that was right when the storm was hitting.

Brian and I are thinking about doing a 13-week class called Together For Life at a Baptist church her in Birmingham. We were looking into the Catholic Engaged Encounter weekend program, but it just isn’t jiving with our schedule. Luckily this Together For Life class is not just for engaged couples, but also for couples in their first year of marriage. So we might put it off until when the next 13-week session starts so that there won’t be so many conflicts.

Has anyone done the Engaged Encounter, Together For Life, or any other premarital or first-year marriage classes? Were they worth it?


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