About Kristen

Project manager.
All with a digital focus.

Hi! I’m Kristen.


I’m a digital project manager, digital content strategist and writer/blogger. For work, I’m HGS Digital as a project manager for social customer service SaaS build-outs. I also take on freelance work on a limited basis.

But about me? I’m a “geriatric Millenial” nearing 40. Married since 2009 to Brian. Mom to little guy Vonn, born fall 2018, and dog mom to a 13-year-old Labrador retriever named Mango. In recent years, I’ve resided in Atlanta, Georgia; Orlando, Florida; and Birmingham, Alabama. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we relocated back to central Florida, where we are building a home, closing in July 2021.

My website is called Digital Kristen because I’ve been obsessed with the digital space since I was a small kid in 1990s Marietta, Georgia, where I would dial up the Internet on Prodigy to read The Baby-Sitters Club, then, later on, AOL (beep-boop-BEEEEEP… “You’ve Got Mail”) to build a Geocities-based band fan site. Since then, I studied journalism and creative writing in college at The University of Alabama, then started my career.

If you’re interested, I’ve worked as a:

  • Newspaper copy editor;
  • K-12 education newsletter copy/web editor;
  • Digital producer for a newspaper website;
  • Website editor for two different local TV stations;
  • Digital content director for a sports/lifestyle publisher;
  • Digital marketing manager for a European food importer;
  • Account coordinator for Disney Cruise Line and Disney Sports websites;
  • Account and project manager at two different startup digital agencies;
  • Digital and social strategist for a large broadcast media company;
  • And finally, as of 2021, I am a digital project manager for a software consultancy.

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