Hi! I’m Kristen. I’m a person. I’m also a woman in my 30s.

Married since 2009 to Brian.

Enthusiastic dog mom to Mango, also hoping to soon be a mom to a small person.

My website is called Digital Kristen because I’ve been obsessed with the digital space since I was a small kid, dialing up Prodigy to read the Baby-Sitters Club in the early 1990s.

Since then, I studied journalism and creative writing in college, then started my career.

I’ve worked as a:

  • Newspaper copy editor;
  • Niche newsletter copy/web editor;
  • Digital producer for a newspaper website;
  • Website editor for two different local TV stations;
  • Digital content director for a niche publisher;
  • Digital marketing manager for a European food importer;
  • Held three different account and project management roles at three different digital agencies.

I held these 10 jobs over nearly 12 years — moving around Alabama, Georgia and Florida while dragging my poor husband and dog along for the ride. Phew.

Oh, and did I mention that of the 10 jobs I listed above, I was laid off from two and let go from three of these places? It’s been an effing whirlwind — but luckily, I’ve since settled into a digital and social strategy role that I love.

But there is still work to be done. That’s why I’ll be sharing my journey to a good side hustle, better health, better finances and a better life here at DigitalKristen.com.

Enjoy! And feel free to drop me a line  or follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.