See Ya, 2014! Looking Ahead

2014 will go down as one of the worst years of my life. No, make it THE worst. A few bright spots, for sure, but losing my dad in January, then losing a job in August, then moving out-of-state for a new job in October while dealing with said losses simultaneously…well, it all made the latter half of 2014 especially hard.

That said, 2014 was also a year of growth and renewal for me. Professionally, I learned SO MUCH. Maybe this is because I had 3 different jobs in 2014, or maybe it’s because I’m at a pivotal point in my career, or maybe it’s all of the above.

The other high point for me was rediscovering my body. I joined Weight Watchers the same week I lost my dad in January. In June, I tried hot Power Yoga classes for the first time. By August, I had lost 35 pounds. I’ve maintained that loss and aim to reach my goal in 2015.

Moving to Atlanta was unexpected for us, but we are enjoying being closer to family. I’m also really enjoying my job as project manager at the Swarm Agency. There is one missing puzzle piece, though, and that’s a full-time gig for my amazingly talented chef husband. He has had fun working on some gigs with a friend of his who owns a catering company in Alabama. He even worked a gig last week in the poker world. He previously worked the poker circuit as media in 2007-2008, so he had a lot of fun connecting with old friends and colleagues. But we’re still hoping to find the best fit for him here in Atlanta as a chef.

All that aside, here are my 2015 resolutions!

1) Reach goal weight with Weight Watchers. About 20-25 lbs. to go!

2) Become Scrum Master certified and work toward Project Management Professional certification … just so I can have an annoying email signature that says “Kristen Heptinstall, CSM, PMP.”

3) Take care of my mental health. Address my anxiety and my continued grief for my dad.

4) Continue knocking down debt and prepare to buy a home, most likely in summer 2017 (maybe sooner?) when we will have taken care of the majority of our debt and will have less obstacles in our way.

5) Live in the moment and see what’s around me. I feel as though 2014 was a murky haze. I wasn’t totally present. I was distracted and living in my emotions, my grief, and in my head. I’m vowing to turn 100% attention to what’s going on around me, listen to those I love, and make clear and rational decisions.

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