If Money Were No Object

ImageIf money were no object, I would:

-First and foremost, pay off all debts and student loans for myself and my husband. 

-Buy a house here in Florida, and get a new living room and bedroom set from Ethan Allen.

-Buy a Gameday condo in Tuscaloosa and get on the list to upgrade our season tickets.

-Trade my Nissan Versa in for a BMW 3 Series, and let my husband trade in his Jeep or just keep adding to it as Jeep enthusiasts do.

-Get a second Labrador Retriever as a companion for Mango and start trying for a child.

-Get my teeth whitnened and get Invisalign braces at the dentist.

-Get a manicure and pedicure every two weeks, and a massage, facial and eyebrow wax every month.

-Hire a personal trainer for 3 or 4 days per week.

-Set up a donation fund to my college, my sorority, and other worthy causes.

It’s fun to think about, isn’t it?

Kristen at 30

Kristen Heptinstall at 30

I am….

More casual than dressy. More classic than trendy. Probably will never have a tattoo.

A collector of Nike shorts, Disney Blu-Rays,  and sorority memorabilia.

Long hair, not short. Natural dark blonde coloring vs. highlights of the past.

Dogs, not cats. Dark chocolate AND milk chocolate.

Just a few close friends to lean on, but many connections and acquaintances.

Decidedly not a domestic goddess or a Pinterest maven. Learning, finally, to cook and keep house properly.

Not a morning person. Sometimes running late. No willpower when it comes to food; can’t keep to a fitness routine.

Frugal. Moderate. Easygoing. Earnest. Helpful. Self-Starting. Smart but usually humble. Complex. Searching. Wondering.

INFJ. A connector of people, but not always wanting to be around tons of them: Introvert probs.

A dog mom; a wife to a chef. Maybe a mother in a few years.

Georgia-born, but Alabama is home, and Florida home for now, maybe longer.

What were you, at 30?