Enchanted with Oreo’s “Wonderfilled”

Now that I’m working as a digital marketing manager in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, I’ve taken a renewed interest in digital and advertising campaigns for grocery items.

Mad Men is one of my favorite shows, but I hardly ever watch it when it airs on Sunday nights, opting instead to watch a recorded version on my DVR a night or two later. And I always fast forward through the commercials, unless something catches my eye as I progress forward 30 seconds at a time.

Well, something caught my eye this time.

Maybe I’m just the right demo for this campaign, but I was enchanted with this commercial, and with what Oreo did for their 100-year anniversary. The New York Times covered both campaigns this week.

Oreo opted to kick off this campaign during Sunday’s Mad Men — a nice choice, I think, because we all know that only smart, savvy people such as myself watch Mad Men, right? (:

What do you think of this commercial featuring an original song by Owl City? Did Oreo follow up their 100 years campaign well with this original choice?

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