30 Before 30: Fail. But Ongoing.

In 2011, I came up with a list of 30 things I wanted to do by the time I turned 30. It was a lofty list, for me, at least. But at the time, I thought I had more than 2 years to complete it, and back then, I didn’t think I would be moving out of state to Florida, either.

Well, I turned 30 last month, my friends, and here’s what’s been completed and what remains. I made a few edits in 2012 to add a few Florida-centric things I wanted to do….

My 30 before 30 list

1. Learn how to dive into a pool.

2. Learn how to turn a cartwheel.

3. Learn the basics of sewing.

4. Learn how to scuba dive. [almost done!]

5. Learn how to drive stick.

6. Learn how to bake my mom’s cheesecake recipe from scratch.

7. Learn how to keep a houseplant alive, and keep one alive, the way my mom can!  

8. Find THE purse. [Completed 10/10. Found it and bought it! The J.Crew Brompton hobo in espresso.]

9. Then, sell or donate a bunch of other purses.

10. Lose 55 lbs., or fit into a size 8, whichever comes first.

11. Run a Disney 5K.

12. Donate all my old “fat girl” clothes.

13. Get debt/finances under control.

14. Visit the NASA VAB at Kennedy Space Center.

15. Drive with my husband in his Jeep on Daytona Beach.

16. Stay overnight at a Disney deluxe resort for first time since honeymoon.

17. Find a signature wine. [Goats do Roam red and white varieties. Thanks Epcot Food & Wine 2010!]

18. Figure out my signature cocktail, and how to make it. [My go-to: a vodka tonic or gin & tonic. Simple. easy.]

19. Network with 30 people in Orlando.

20. Visit Disney World again in 2011 …[Moved to Orlando Aug. 2011]

21. …and in 2012/13, after the Fantasyland expansion is complete or at least partially opened.

22. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios.[Visited Sept. 2011]

23. Volunteer for an organization. [Alabama Social Media Association executive director, 2011; Gamma Phi Beta regional coordinator, 2013]

24. Go on an overnight camping/kayak trip.

25. Tour a winery.

26. Get a stamp on my unused passport.

27. Go horseback riding.

28. Go deep sea fishing.

29. Unpack every box after Aug. 2012 move, and get rid of/donate everything not being used.

30. Embrace turning 30!

So, I’m 18 items away from being done. But these are all still things I want to do or learn to do. We’ll see how long it really takes for me to complete! Bets, anyone?

1 thought on “30 Before 30: Fail. But Ongoing.”

  1. I think this is a cool list and even though I am already 31, I want to make one like it. (Maybe 40 for 40?!)
    You should be really proud of the fact that you have #13 crossed off. That is a great accomplishment, believe me.
    Also, if we ever get together in person again, I will teach you to do a cartwheel. I have taught a friend over the age of 25 before!
    This is Cat, by the way. My husband and I have started a craft beer-related blog and I’m using that account to comment.


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