I am a Princess

I Am a Princess on Disney Video

Disney put together this great video celebrating girls and what being a princess is really all about — being strong, trustworthy, compassionate, brave, and loving.

Thank you, Disney, for reminding us that “princess” isn’t just ballgowns and tiaras.


Subaru hits the right note with me: The life of a Labrador

Every once in a while, an ad actually does strikes a chord with me. And I just happened to be the right demo for this one: Married, female, 25-34, the owner of a chocolate Lab, and thinking about having a child, maybe. Is it bad that I tear up every time I see this ad? Subaru hit the mark here.


Going Solo – and that’s OK


My husband Brian and I recently passed the 14-month mark of our time living here in Orlando. At the end of August, we made the much-anticipated move from an apartment to a rental home. We’re really enjoying it — we have a pool, a garage and more square footage for not a lot more than we were paying for the apartment.

Due to Brian’s erratic work schedule  — thankfully no more overnight shifts, though — I sometimes have some time to kill on my own. I lean slightly more “I” than “E” on the Myers-Brigg, so I generally like to recharge and do productive things on my own when I can. Here lately, when I’m home from work but he’s working a late or weekend shift, I’ve been swimming, spending time with our dog, reading, and doing some freelance work.

But sometimes a girl has got to get out of the house. And that’s when I’m reminded that while I have many contacts at work, a loving family, and friends from college all only a text away, sadly, I don’t have a whole lot of close friends here in Orlando. — certainly not anyone I could text and say, “Hey, let’s meet for drinks/dinner/theme park cavorting in an hour.”

I think this is for a lot of reasons — I definitely have some new acquaintances here in town, but most wouldn’t prioritize me because they have kids and I don’t, or they have an established group of friends already. And that’s OK, though sometimes I grumble inwardly a bit.

Another thing is when friends or family from out of state visit Orlando, because everyone does at some time or another. When they do, I don’t expect them to change plans just to accommodate me tagging along — they’re on vacation!

So, all that said, I’ve learned to enjoy myself solo. Tonight, Brian was working, so after work I headed to Epcot to see what all the hubbub was with the 30th anniversary celebration. I hiked in from the parking lot just in time to see Disney legend Marty Sklar talk for nearly two hours about the building of Walt Disney World and Epcot. It was, in short, amazing.

After that I headed to Boulangerie Patisserie for a ham and cheese croissant, and picked up a Napoleon to go for Brian and I to split at home later. Then, I caught IllumiNations with a special 30th anniversary tag at the end. Also amazing.

And I did all of this tonight alone, not caring what other people thought of me as I wandered the busy theme park solo.

But, I will say this: If you’d like to invite me for dinner/drinks/cavorting in the parks, I’d happily tag along. (: