The 3 Ps of obtaining your goal and dreams




These are the three Ps of obtaining your goals and dreams for your life.

1) Position yourself to be in the best place possible. This is where research and hard choices come into play. Whether you feel you need more salary, to lose 100 lbs., or to obtain a specific job, you will need to make sacrifices to position yourself to obtain your goals. Learn as much as you can about your goal, and decide what you need to do to put your best foot forward. If you think moving to NYC will help you get that dream magazine job, you may need to make that leap. If you want to get a raise at work, you’ll need to take on more projects.

2) Be persistent and open about your goals. Pestering others (in a good, productive way) may come into play here. Being open about your feelings and goals to those who can help you comes into play here. You’d be surprised at how many are flattered by your attention and questions, and will welcome you and offer help. And tamping down those negative feelings is essential here. Lose the anxiety and come to terms with the fact that you CAN do it.

3) And finally, be patient. Sometimes things take time. I think it’s a Millenial trait to expect what’s awesome right now, and if you don’t get it, to move on until you find it. But really, good things often do come with time. Whether your goal is to run a half marathon, get hired by Google, or have 3 kids, it all takes time. And try to enjoy yourself a bit along the way.

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