The Kristen Heptinstall Quest: Fit by 30

I’m not someone you would point at and say, “Hey, fat girl!” but I’m getting close.

I’m inspired by The Jen West Quest. Jen is around my age, and in 2010, she shed about 50 pounds over the course of about 6 months.  Her starting weight is pretty close to mine.

I’m also inspired by friends like Stephen Vinson, who I’ve seen transform over the past couple of years. 

So, my goal? To lose 55 pounds in 6 months. Yep. 55 pounds. This is 35 pounds of post-wedding weight, and another 20 pounds beyond that. No bikini photos like Jen (girl, I love how you bruise up the way I do), but I will keep myself accountable and post how much I’ve lost each Sunday.

I’ve decided to start tracking my workouts and calories again using an app. In the past, I’ve used SparkPeople and LoseIt with minimal to moderate success. Now, I’ve downloaded My Fitness Pal (which is also a weight loss community a la SparkPeople) on iPad and iPhone to log every calorie and workout, and already I’m finding it easier to use and more intuitive than other apps. I’ve programmed it to share my weight loss to Twitter automatically.

My daily calorie goal is 1,320. If I work out, I can eat more than that, as long as what I’m burning puts me around 1,320. That makes me happy, because it promotes balance. Sure, I can eat a greasy hamburger every once in a while, but I better put in a workout to balance it all out.

This is all pretty notable because I turn 30 in roughly 6 months. So Fit by 30 is the name of the game.





Stopping Stress in its Tracks

I’ll admit, I’ve been feeling a bit run-down lately. I’ve had the sniffles, allergy issues, headaches and digestive issues, to name a few. I’ll also admit that I’ve not been taking the best care of myself. I’m not eating wonderfully or working out enough. So of course it’s taking a toll on my body.

Stress sucks. Even after 4 months at a great new job, I’ve realized I’m still getting over the effects of working 12-hour days in local news and sleeping with my phone by my head. And after a year in Orlando, I’ve yet to take a vacation, other than a few days to see family over the holidays.

So, this is where that all stops.

Next month, we move into a new home. I plan to:

  • Take time for myself and use our pool to workout and relax in.
  • Look at local gyms with 24-hour access so that my husband and I can work out any time.
  • Cut back on the crappy food I’ve been eating and start fueling myself more nutritiously. 
  • Start planning a vacation — a real one — with my husband for our next anniversary.

What changes have you made to combat stress in your life?



Sweet Home…Florida? Selling our Alabama home


Over the weekend, I sent off paperwork to sell our first home in Alabama. If all goes well, that chapter of my and my husband’s life will be over come Monday. It’s hard not to get nostalgic about the time we spent in that house. We got engaged and married while living in that house, and brought home Mango as a 4-lb. puppy. We had great neighbor-friends, and built a lot of memories there.We also put a lot of work into the house and fixed it up as well as we could.

So to see it handed off to someone else is bittersweet to the core. It’s compounded by the fact that my parents chose to leave their house, 6 miles from our old house, and move to South Carolina, close to my sister and her family, and just a 5.5-hour drive to where we live now in Florida. They left this week — the same time that our house is selling. It feels as though together, we’re closing the door on Alabama. And that hurts, because as much as I love Alabama, my husband and I both needed career moves that weren’t there for us.

So now, over the past couple of months, I’ve been watching my employer from the time we lived in that house, al.com, reorganize and shape itself into a new digital-first news organization. It’s hard not to get a lump in my throat and ask, “What if?” What if we had stayed in Alabama and kept our house? What if I had stayed with al.com and could be a big part of the new organization? Or, conversely, what if I wasn’t…?

But the choices we make in life are just that. I could not have predicted what al.com is doing a year ago. And I also can’t predict what good things are yet to come from our move to central Florida. I have high hopes about the coming months and years. We’re settling into a house next month with a garage, and a yard, and a pool. My husband is building a career as a chef.

And me? I’m going for my dreams, asking for what I want, and trying until I succeed.