My first home is for sale


Source: kw.com via Kristen on Pinterest


Let’s talk about my first home. It’s for sale. It’s a cute little 3/1 in historic Bessemer, Alabama. 

I bought it in 2007, at age 24, all on my own. My then-boyfriend (now husband) helped me fix it up. We installed new plumbing, new electrical plus wiring for ceiling fans, new bathroom fixtures and new kitchen appliances. He also built a shed in the backyard.

This is the house we lived in when we got engaged, then married. It’s where we brought Mango home as a 4-lb. puppy. We created a lot of memories in this house.

Now, let’s talk about how I’ve ended up on the short end of the stick with this home. I closed on this house in February 2007. Back then, anyone with decent credit could get 100%-plus financing. Back then, housing prices were up. Back then, buying a home seemed like the smart thing to do — a good investment in the future.

It’s all about timing. And the timing, back in February 2007, was bad for me to buy — but how was I to know? If one were to buy this house today, payments would be roughly HALF of what we’ve been paying for the past 5 years.

Now we’re in Florida, and we need to sell this house. So capitalize on the good timing. Buy my house. (:



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