The popularity of Boo


I am so obsessed with the Facebook fan page for Boo, a tiny Pomeranian dog resembling a stuffed animal. Boo is an excellent example of using Facebook as your blog. No other website is listed anywhere on his page, or linked to in Facebook updates. It's just simple single photo uploads with cute captions.

Boo's soaring popularity has garnered him 1.2 million Facebook fans and a book deal.

Several other dog fan pages have popped up, too:

Captain "Dexter" Barbossa

This is one from my friend Amy: Kokomo the Chocolate Lab

Would you ever use Facebook as a blog? Certainly the large audience is of great appeal.


Skip to the Disney loo


I recently wrote a series of posts for Walt Disney World for Grownups about the best bathrooms at each of the four theme parks at Disney World. At first, some folks thought it was a joke, but alas — it's not.

Magic Kingdom bathrooms

Epcot bathrooms

Hollywood Studios bathrooms

Animal Kingdom bathrooms

Bathrooms, restrooms, loos, johns, whatever you wanna call them — they're important.


A must-watch video on social media

I had the privilege of attending TedXRedMountain in May here in Birmingham. James Spann‘s talk, below, nearly drew me to tears, not only because of the normal reaction to the April 27 storms, but because of James’ vision and how he truly GETS IT. He gets social media, he understands that viewers/readers are our people, our community.

I put out a tweet during his talk: . is speaking to the heart of what I do for a living. Engagement. Community. Conversation.