My Blogger shame

For the past few months, I’ve been a little … ashamed of my blog.

Granted, the design is super cute. It’s exactly what I wanted when I worked with Krizzy Designs on it. I still adore my header. The image of the gal at her laptop, with the chocolate Lab by her side — well, let’s just say that I’m typing on a laptop, and I have a big chocolate Lab sprawled out on the floor next to me.

But lately, I’ve started to grow ashamed of Blogger, and of my blog name. Southern Web Girl.

In my head, it goes something like this: “Gosh darn it, I’m 28 years old, I’m not a girl anymore! I’m a woman, a professional, DO YOU HEAR ME?” Sidenote: Why would I say, “DO YOU HEAR ME” to myself in my own head? Um yeah. I digress.

Some other things: I don’t have a URL of my own. I don’t have sexy plug-ins and a custom blog design. It makes me feel … amateur. When the fact is, I’m a real live web journalist and social media professional. Promise. Pinky swear. Really!

Back in January, I got involved with the Alabama Social Media Association. So involved, in fact, that they appointed me their executive director. And I quit blogging. I saw my colleagues on the ALsocme board shout from the rooftops how excited they were about ALsocme, and I stayed silent. Because I’m ashamed of Blogger.

Blogger shame. Many bloggers blogging on Blogger get a case of the Blogger shame. Just Google “Blogger to WordPress” and you’ll find a slew of websites and services out there to help you make the transition.

But I’m just not sure yet.

Blogger is easy. Blogger is where I’ve been since 2008, when I started blogging about planning my wedding.

So what’s a girl (sorry, woman) to do? What would YOU do? I’m contemplating: 1) Staying here on Blogger as is, no changes, 2) Staying on Blogger but purchasing a URL and new design, or 3) Making the transition to wordpress.org, complete with a hosting service, new URL and new design.

Bloggers, I would love to hear your thoughts below!

1 thought on “My Blogger shame”

  1. These things that bloggers fret over — platform, plugins, custom URLs — they are not the same things readers usually care about. That should put your mind at ease.<br/><br/>What do readers care about? If you’re interesting, if you’re informative, if you’re funny.


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