The Christmas gift rundown

The Christmas gift rundown. Haven’t done this in a few years — probably the last time I did so was on Livejournal a few years back. But, this year was a good year for me — I am loved.

From the husband:


A Disney scrapbook set. Just ordered 50 prints from Snapfish and will FINALLY scrapbook our April/May 2009 honeymoon.

2 pairs of Nike Tempo running shorts. Part of our Operation: Get Fit 2011!


A pink Ralph Lauren Polo oxford shirt. Looks great under my grey sweater coat.

A key lime coconut Wood Wick candle. I seriously LOVE this brand of candles, the wick crackles like a fire in the fireplace.


Fantasia/Fantasia 2000 on Blu-Ray. I donated all my old Disney Classics VHS from childhood to a local charity (Should I regret this? Would they be worth something someday? Don’t know). And so now I’m in the process of replacing those with Blu-ray. So far I’ve got Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Beauty & the Beast, and now, Fantasia. Bambi and Alice in Wonderland are out on Blu-Ray next.

Ghirardelli chocolate squares, Orbit gum, Three Musketeers truffle bars, Hershey’s cookies & creme drops, mini Reese’s cups, and various other stocking stuffers. He knows my favorites!

From husband’s mom:

Pinocchio on Blu-Ray. Add that one to the list of replaced Disney classics, too!


Stella by Stella McCartney perfume. She got the only bottle of this stuff in Gadsden, Alabama!


A HUGE bottle of Philosophy gingersnap body wash.

From the husband’s brother and wife:

A pair of Brighton earrings.

From my sister and her family:

An Amazon gift card. Love these. Always. What to buy? Epic Mickey for Wii, maybe?

From my parents:

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion — a small tube of the shimmery champagne Sin color (which can act as an eyeshadow by itself) and the HUGE professional tube of the original. This stuff is AMAZING! Your eyeshadow will not budge. Dab some under your eyes to hold liner in place, too.

A new Columbia rain jacket — the Ramblin’ Rhodie in black. I LOVE it.


A pink Clarisonic Pro! I already have the travel-sized Clarisonic Mia, but the Pro is AMAZING with its multiple speeds. My skin is looking much improved. My mom got a HUGE discount on this through the dermatologist she works at.

Four sets and a serving set of our silverware — Oneida Curva! We only received two sets of this as wedding presents, so I am thrilled to finally have enough sets to use it when we have company! I love the clean, modern lines and the weight of this silverware.

And from husband’s dad and stepmom:

Cash money, which we put toward gas (ha!) and a new Sony Blu-Ray Home Theater System! This thing is beyond cool. When connected to our wireless network, we can watch YouTube, Netflix (which we recently subscribed to), Hulu, listen to Pandora, etc. Hubs set up the speakers and we watched Fantasia 2000, it was amazing.

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and I’ll be back and blogging more soon!

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