>Any Mac people out there?

So, husband and I are plotting our way to upgrade our personal computers.

He has a MacBook Pro from summer ’07. I have a MacBook from fall ’07. Neither are running at their peak performance. Hubby needs more firepower for his freelance work — he shoots, edits and uploads video on a consistent basis, and his battery and memory are not passing the test any longer.

So here are our options. Both plans involve a new Pro for him, but different options for me.

1) The upgraded MacBook Pro plan.

Hubby buys new MacBook. I then take his old MacBook Pro and we install new battery (where he is having issues). We then sell my MacBook.

Total cost = $2,149 for new MacBook Pro he wants + cost of installing new battery on old MacBook Pro (let’s estimate $100) = $2,249 – money made on MacBook (estimating $250) = cost of about $1,999 plus tax.

2) The new iPad plan.

Hubby buys new MacBook. We then sell his old Macbook Pro and my MacBook. Then we purchase a new 64G iPad for me for personal use, with external keyboard.

Total cost = $2,149 – amount made on old Macs (estimating $750) = $1,399 + cost of iPad and accessories (estimating $800) = $2,199 plus tax.

So either way you cut it, we are looking at about the same price, a difference of about $200.

Keep in mind that I have a Dell laptop on me at all times for work and any heavy duty stuff. And, iPad does have iWork as apps — so I can essentially work in Word and Excel there if I need to. If I do get an iPad, I’m getting the one with the most memory, so I can rest assured knowing that all my music, photos, documents, etc. can fit. And with the new iOS coming out this month, I can print wirelessly and whatnot. But having hubby’s old Pro means I have access to a lot of software and have a lot more computing power. But I’m not sure that I really need all that.

So, what would you do?

4 thoughts on “>Any Mac people out there?”

  1. >I think I would go with the iPad if you dont need all the functionality. I have friends with the iPad and love it. I am thinking of getting one when the new upgrade comes out (whenever that may be)


  2. >I'd go with plan #1, because I think I'd go nuts trying to do too much on an iPad (not that I have any experience with them) and I wouldn't want to have to use the Dell for personal stuff. Nothing against Dell — I have a Dell laptop for work, too, but I hate Windows and really only use it for work.


  3. >I'd go with the upgraded MacBook Pro. I myself am not 100% sold on the iPad. I really think the current version is not fast enough for me and you know Apple will unveil something faster and better as soon as you get one.It may not seem you need a lot of computing power now but it's always nice to have some when you do need it. ;-)-Sandy


  4. >Thanks for the great insight everyone! I think I've decided to go with option #1. The more I think about it, the more I'd like to have the refurbished Pro for blogging, web surfing, and my freelance writing. But I DO still want an iPad, someday.


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