>Finding “the purse”

>So, on my 30 Before 30 list, 2 of the items involve handbags/purses.

15. Find THE purse.
16. Then, sell or donate a bunch of other purses.

“The purse” that I’ve been thinking of is large but not too large (large enough to carry my wallet, cosmetics bag, iPhone, sunglasses, camera, keys, and a paperback), easy to carry over my shoulder, and made of a soft, buttery brown leather that looks good year-round. I have yet to decide exactly what style I want, but I think once I see it, I’ll know.

The idea here is to have ONE very versatile leather bag, along with a couple smaller ones for nights out, and eliminate the majority of my purses that just hang around and never get used.

I’d really rather NOT spend $300+for a bag, but if I absolutely fall in love, I would consider saving up for it, then consigning some of my older purses to help make up for the cost. I have a small blue suede Coach hobo, a nylon Coach, and a few Vera Bradley bags that I think could fetch at least a few bucks.

So, with that said, here are a few contenders for “the bag”:

I also like the Coach Large Madison Maggie in Brass/Walnut.

and the JCrew Brompton hobo in henna.

Which do you like? Do you have any additional recommendations?

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