>Finding peace with a “30 Before 30” list

>Do you ever get the feeling that you’ll never be content? That there’s a void of some sort? That you need something to keep you going, other than the normal day-to-day?

I’ve been feeling that way lately. We just returned from Disney World for our 1st anniversary and already I want to return, to have something to plan for and look forward to. Because I’m bored, and restless.

I know I should be working toward health and freedom from debt, and more worried about selling our house and moving, but I want to have fun, dang it, to have things to look forward to, to plan for. I want to laugh, to play, to *feel.*

My husband makes me laugh, our dog brings me joy, but there is something missing. We all deserve vacations now and then, but I wonder if perhaps I should be getting back into something creative or outdoorsy to help fill the void I’m feeling — painting, pottery, scrapbooking, kayaking, camping?

I’m really enjoying my new job, we’re enjoying our second year of marriage, but I’m just having a hard time putting my finger on what my purpose is, on what really makes me tick beyond the husband and the dog and my job and and planning for vacations.

“Real life” is so much harder than college because you start working, get into a daily routine, and … then what? Already, 5 years have passed since I graduated from college. And what have I really accomplished — beyond the getting married, buying a house, getting a dog expected sort of things?

So, with that said, I’m coming up with a “30 before 30” list that combines fun with duty– some of these are just fun things I want to do, while others are things I’ve struggled with or I’m not so comfortable doing or learning. This is a list of things I want to accomplish before my 30th birthday. That gives me approximately 2 years and 8 months to get these crossed off my list. I’m going to put this list in my blog sidebar and hold myself accountable.

1. Lose at least 30 lbs., and fit into a solid size 8/10.
2. Learn how to dive into a pool.
3. Learn how to turn a cartwheel.
4. Go on an overnight camping/kayak trip.
5. Create a scrapbook for our honeymoon trip to Disney World…
6. …and another for our 1st anniversary trip to Disney World.
7. Visit Disney World again in 2011 …
8. …and in 2012/13, after the Fantasyland expansion is complete.
9. Volunteer for an organization associated with animal adoptions.
10. Write a fiction piece.
11. Figure out my signature cocktail.
12. See at least 2 Cirque du Soleil shows.
13. Learn the basics of sewing.
14. Learn more Web and video/photo skills.
15. Find THE purse.
16. Then, sell or donate a bunch of other purses.
17. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios.
18. Go deep sea fishing.
19. Pay off as much debt as humanly possible.
20. Find my favorite go-to wine.
21. Read at least 64 books (2 per month).
22. Connect with my nephews at least monthly.
23. Take an art class.
24. Go horseback riding. Preferably in Montana or Colorado. But Alabama would do.
25. Keep a houseplant alive.
26. Tour a winery.
27. Get a stamp on my unused passport.
28. Bake my mom’s cheesecake recipe from scratch.
29. Sell our house and settle in Mobile.
30. Learn how to drive stick.

Who wants to place a bet that I get it all done … or not?

3 thoughts on “>Finding peace with a “30 Before 30” list”

  1. >I love your list!I've been toying with the idea of a '30 before 30' or '101 in 1001.' A 30 before 30 would be cheating, though, since there are way more than 1001 days before I turn 30, lol.


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