My guest post: Disney’s California Grill

Hey y’all!

I wrote a review of our 1st anniversary dinner at California Grill at Disney World’s Contemporary Resort. It would mean a lot to me if you would check it out!

Here’s the link.


Guest blogging and some odds and ends

Wow! Has it been a week. Husband and I left last Friday and returned Monday to go to the Hangout Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama. It was a lot of fun and we saw a lot of great acts. My favorites were Brett Dennen, Alison Krauss, Ray Lamontagne and Trey Anastasio and TAB. Michael Franti and Spearhead were a lot of fun too.

On the way home we looked at a good apartment complex in Daphne, right across the bay from Mobile. It’s affordable and a 15-minute drive to work. I would still prefer a rental house over an apartment, but it’s nice to know that there are apartment options that we like in the area.

I’m working on a guest blog post for Disneyfoodblog about our first anniversary dinner at Disney World. I’m really excited to share our experience and be featured on such a great blog. I will pass along the link when it is posted.

I’m already wishing for a return to Disney World, as well as wishing for a Vegas trip! I have only been to Vegas once, 4 years ago, and husband has connections to some really low hotel and condo rates out there. Only problem is all the other funds needed for a trip like that, and frankly we need to be concentrating on selling the house and moving to Mobile.

I’m way behind on blog reading — like behind since April 23 behind, the day before we left for Disney. But I’m working on it. (:


>Checking in

>So I come home from Disney World to find out that the Gulf Coast might get covered in oil tar goo and thus I have been working non-stop since Saturday night. To say that this has been draining emotionally is an understatement. I am the type who worries about the ecosystem and the cute turtle babies and my precious noms of shrimp and oysters, not to mention that the Gulf Coast is my future home.

But! Tonight is the Jen Lancaster book signing at Barnes & Noble, so that will be a nice little respite from the oil tar goo. I’ve read her first 2 books and already I am hooked.

Back to Disney… I took a ton of photos at Disney World, mostly of food, and thus I may be doing a couple guest blogs about my two most favoritest restaurants that we visited over at my new blog obsession, DisneyFoodBlog, run by the wonderful A.J.

No plans in my future at all right now — no travel plans, no selling of the house because no one wants it (yet), so I am planning on some major cleanage of the house to get it in even better shape for potential buyers. As well as eating of the best pizza ever this weekend with Brian and his mom for Mother’s Day. And at some point before they leave to go see my sister and BIL and nephews, Thai with my parents for Mother’s Day.

I shall leave you with this:

No, that is not Johnny Depp or a wax figure of Johnny Depp, it is a real dude Disney World hired to be Jack Sparrow. Yes, seriously! Where do they find them?