>Losing the newlywed happy weight

>So since the wedding last April, I have gained 15 lbs. This comes as no surprise, really, since we slacked off on exercising over the summer and fall, and starting with the Disney honeymoon full of fabulous food, we stopped watching calories as closely as we were before the wedding.

My goal is to lose those 15 lbs., plus another 25 lbs., to get to my goal weight by December. That should also put me down from a size 12-14 to an 8 or so. It kills me that I’m basically starting over from scratch, per se. Brian and I are both using the ‘Lose It’ app in our iPhones to calculate our daily calories. I’m allotted about 1,700-ish calories per day to lose 1 lb. per week.

I don’t want to set all these crazy fitness goals and not be able to achieve them, so my goal is work out 2-3x/week for 45 minutes, which is realistic for me. I want to start doing some upper body strength training again too, as I’ve noticed my arms getting flabbier since the wedding as well. And I want to start exercising with Mango more. It’s been a really cold winter here in the South, so she hasn’t been getting the exercise she needs because I’m too freakin’ cold to run around the block. Also, I’m lazy.

Anyone else experience the winter fitness doldrums or the newlywed happy weight gain? It was definitely a perfect confluence of both for me.

In other news, we bought a new sectional sofa and a new IKEA bedroom suite. I’ll work on taking some photos and sharing with y’all. We’ve managed to sell some of the furniture we had for sale, but we still have one queen bedroom set that no one seems to want, even though it’s nice-quality furniture. Although lots of Nigerian scammers have been interested in buying.

4 thoughts on “>Losing the newlywed happy weight”

  1. >I am so with you on the weight gain! We share the same anniversary – married the same day last year as you, in Montgomery (wasn't it a beautiful day? And that's how I found your blog), and between cooking for two and winter, 17 lbs snuck on very quickly. Sigh… good luck with the program, sounds easy and healthy!


  2. >a) Yes, TOTALLY. I think I gained 30 pounds the first year of marriage. The good news? I was able to lose it. The bad news? Not until after I had a baby, 6 years later.b) My hubby has used Lose it for over a year and has had AWESOME results – he's lost 30 lbs, mostly attributed to keeping up with everything in it. It's one of the main reasons I would want an iPhone – just for that app.Good luck!!


  3. >Have you tried Zumba? I've done it a couple of times with a friend who's getting married in August. if you like to dance, you'll absolutely love it. if not, it's still way more fun than your average workout.


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