>I’m currently lusting after…

>1. Old Navy Dreamer jeans in color Rinse B.
Haven’t even tried them on yet but I have a feeling they would fit my body type — a seriously curvy pear.

2. Clarisonic replacement brushes.
I’ve been using my new Mia for about a month now and I’ll need some replacement brush heads in the next month or two.

3. Old Navy foldover jersey skirt.
I’d like to get this skirt in heather gray, black, and either dark night or coffee grounds for our Disney trip. Would be a cute comfy alternative to shorts, which just seem to ride up as I’m wearing them.

4. Old Navy The Diva Low-Rise Cuffed Denim Capris in Azure.

I’ve about worn my only pair of denim capris I own out. These would be a good replacement.

On another note, I seriously think I could shop almost exclusively at Old Navy, Gap and Kohl’s for my entire wardrobe. I don’t think I’ve bought from much of anywhere else in the past year, except the Macy’s clearance rack. Oh, and I bought one long-sleeved shirt from Target and did one online clearance order from Delia’s. I’ve walked by Express, American Eagle, and several other stores and just haven’t been interested.

As much as I drool over J.Crew, Boden, Tory Burch, Banana Republic, etc., unless I’m in an outlet store or it’s seriously marked-down, it’s just not clothes I can aspire to buy all the time. To spend more than $100 on jeans or shoes is not something I can stomach on a regular basis. I am a bargain shopper and proud of it.

3 thoughts on “>I’m currently lusting after…”

  1. >I'm the same way. I shop almost exclusively at Old Navy these days, because if I play the sales right, I can afford it.Also, there jeans and pants are the only thing that conform to curvy butt and thighs! I'm afraid to go elsewhere, when it so rarely works for me!


  2. >I have the foldover jersey skirt in black and it was a summer staple for me last year. So comfortable!No matter what weight I've been at, I've never been totally comfortable in shorts and as I get older what is the appropriate length? I have longer shorts but I regard them as being slightly dressier. A comfortable skirt or sundress take the guesswork out of that aspect and are even more comfortable anyway!


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