What a week

Wow. What. A. Week. I am way behind on blog reading.

This week I had to get my brakes fixed and we had to get a new furnace installed. On top of that our AT&T modem broke and had to get replaced today. Luckily at least the modem was free.

And it can’t go without mentioning that my beloved Crimson Tide is going to the BCS National Championship! I am beyond elated. And I have a feeling they will win the game.

I very much hope to have some good news in the next week or two to share with you all. Please think happy thoughts for me!


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1 thought on “What a week”

  1. Thinking good thoughts for you, even after last weekend’s game;) (Which, I should note, I appreciate your classy-ness about. You could have plastered my blog with Gator-hating slogans, but you didn’t. Thanks for keeping the SEC classy, dear friend!)


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