My husband’s best friend is awesome

So every year, my husband and I exchange gifts long-distance with his best friend. This year we got him a Columbia fly fishing vest.

I was completely bowled over by what he sent me last week:


This Versace Versense gift set! It smells heavenly! A mix of fresh and floral.

He spoils us! Truly!



>Just call me Mr. Grinch

>This Christmas is pretty much a no-go for Brian and me this year. As in, we have already exchanged presents — he got me my new iPhone and Target-brand Ugg boots last month, and I got him a much-needed new hair trimmer kit last week. We’re not huge on secret gift exchanges.

We’ve also not decorated at all at our house this year. Some of this was because of money — we didn’t feel like buying a tree after replacing our furnace, for example. It’s also because of a lack of time. I would have preferred to do it the weekend of Dec. 5, but we were traveling for my high school best friend’s wedding. And I was traveling this weekend too….

So instead, we’re letting our families provide the Christmas cheer for us. We’ll be visiting his family on Christmas Eve and coming back to be with my family on Christmas Day. My parents have gone all out this year with a 10-foot tree and all the decorations.

This past Tuesday night I went to Kohl’s with my mom and found gifts for everyone. I was able to get several gifts for a total of about $200. I think we did good. (c:

I’m working today, tomorrow, and Wednesday, and I’ll be off work through the 31st. My sister and her family will arrive on Wednesday I believe. They’re in the process of visiting family on a cross-country journey as they move from San Diego to Jacksonville, N.C. So while they LOVE San Diego, my brother-in-law is military, and orders are orders, so they’re making the best of it. They’re closing on a great house soon that will double their square footage. And I am SO excited to see my nephews, who I haven’t seen since the wedding in April.

I suppose this is a holiday season of transition for Brian and me. I hope to have some exciting news to share soon. And no, I’m not pregnant. EEK.


What a week

Wow. What. A. Week. I am way behind on blog reading.

This week I had to get my brakes fixed and we had to get a new furnace installed. On top of that our AT&T modem broke and had to get replaced today. Luckily at least the modem was free.

And it can’t go without mentioning that my beloved Crimson Tide is going to the BCS National Championship! I am beyond elated. And I have a feeling they will win the game.

I very much hope to have some good news in the next week or two to share with you all. Please think happy thoughts for me!


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