>Our Thanksgiving plans

>Brian and I are forgoing the trek to his aunt’s house and his dad’s house this year for Thanksgiving, though we’ll make the rounds at Christmas. Instead, we will be hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year! How appropriate for our first year of marriage. Brian has been dreaming of cooking his own Thanksgiving for years.

We will host Brian’s mom and her best friend, as well as my parents. We can technically only seat 4 at our dining room table, so my parents are bringing their card table and 2 extra chairs. Oh, I dream for a time when our dining room table can hold 6+!

Brian’s Thanksgiving menu:

Smoked turkey
Honey ham
Mashed potatoes
Green beans
Corn casserole
Sweet potato fluff
Cranberry sauce
Sister Schubert’s yeast rolls

Brian’s mom is bringing a Death by Chocolate concoction that involves Heath bars and a trifle bowl.

My mom is bringing her famous mac & cheese.

And I am making this!

Luscious Four-Layer Pumpkin Cake. The recipe looks easy enough. I wanted something appropriate for the season but with a twist. And since Brian’s mom is bringing the chocolate dessert, I’m making the pumpkin dessert.

Brian and I are making one last dash to Publix after work tonight, then spending tonight and tomorrow in a cleaning, baking and cooking frenzy!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, and please travel safely!

P.S. New Moon was amazing! I’m about to start re-reading the Twilight Saga for the second time.

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