>Selling old iPods & cell phones

> So, Brian and I switched to iPhones a couple weeks ago. LOVE!

We were left with 2 iPods and 2 cell phones that we no longer need. We found buyers for our iPods, but who wants an old cell phone? So I discovered, where you get an instant quote on the devices you want to sell.

They're sending out a shipping label and an environmental-friendly box to me right now. I just put our phones in the box, send them in, and after about a week they will send me a check for just under $90 for our phones! You can opt to be paid via check, Paypal, Wal-Mart Visa card, gift certificate (they pay you 5% more this way), or you can donate your money to charity.

So, if you're interested in getting rid of some of your old devices, please click here: Get Cash For Your Gadgets at! I will get a referral this way. For anyone who signs up and sells at least $50 worth of electronics, I will get $10.

Items will buy from you include not only cell phones and mp3 players, but also camcorders, desktop PCs, laptop PCs, LCD monitors, satellite radios, calculators, GPS devices, cameras and lenses, external hard drives, the list goes on and on. And they don't have to be in working condition, although I'm sure that will lower your quote.

So if you have old electronics just laying around, try this out and put some cash in your pocket!

4 thoughts on “>Selling old iPods & cell phones”

  1. >How cool, I've never heard of that before! I'm thinking about switching to iPhone, too. I knew you could recycle your phone at the store, but that website sounds great. It's especially nice that you can designate the money to charity!


  2. >Gazelle is a good site. I too was selling my old cell phone, it was a Blackberry Storm 9530. I did a bit of price comparisons so that I could ensure that I got the most money for my site. On Gazelle for the same conditioned phone I was offered $116 and on another site I came across I was offered $142. Now I just gotta figure out a way to get an iphone on Verizon because the Storm is absolutely horrible.


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