>Nike Tempo running short backlash!

>I got a really hilarious blog comment on Oct. 29 on my post Funky Friday in which I was inquiring about the Nike Tempo running shorts. And I just have to share.

John had this to say:

Burn the NIKE TEMPO SHORTS this fad should die. die die die. It makes girls look sloppy. So many girls at the University of Alabama only wear Nike Temp shorts everyday. They aren’t running anywhere. They are in class. They wear Nike Temp shorts and oversized greek event shirts. They all look terrible.

John cracks me up. It sounds like he would like female UA students to make more of an effort. Luckily I am no longer a UA student, having graduated 4.5 years ago, and I only wear my Nike shorts (which I LOVE) when I am working out, walking my dog, or doing yardwork.

John, I do agree that always wearing running shorts & t-shirts to class does look sloppy. My uniform toward the end of college was either New Balance running shoes or Rainbow leather flip-flops, bootcut jeans or jean capris, and a Greek t-shirt or Polo oxford button-down. And I always did my hair and makeup, which girls seem to do less and less. And I NEVER wore shorts to class. I would not have ever considered wearing shorts to class for several reasons, one of which is that the lecture halls are usually FREEZING.

I was on UA’s campus last Wednesday and Friday and I noticed a LOT of girls wearing exactly what John mentions above — oversized greek t-shirt, Nike Tempo running shorts, and Uggs. I LOLed at that combination. Thankfully none of them were members of my sorority. It seems that trends like that hit the UA campus really hard, especially among sorority members.

Hmm, so Gracie Beth, any thoughts on John’s comments?

4 thoughts on “>Nike Tempo running short backlash!”

  1. >I just have to comment. This sad trend is not just happening at UA, but many, many campuses. I attend University of Montevallo, and it's a big trend attire there as well. It's been a huge break out like the measles since last summer all over Alabama (and I guess the South as a whole), and has just gotten worse over time. I live in Birmingham, and in the Mountain Brook/Homewood area it seems even more apparent. My friend and I were eating at the Zoes in English Village the other night and I would say at least 10 girls walked in wearing the very shorts. I don't know what some of theses girls would wear if Nike didn't make them. I must say it's tempting to wear them out, but don't think it looks so nice. I stumbled across this blog simply because I typed in "college girls Nike running shorts" in the Google search bar out of curiosity. My friend and I have this pet peeve about the shorts, along with so many other things. We own a few pairs our selves, but we don't wear them like they're everyday attire. I wear mine at home the majority of the time, and occasionally to school when I don't have much time and didn't get a lot of sleep. But when I wear them to school I just feel like the rest of the trend followers, and oh how I hate that feeling.


  2. >I just saw this post but I am in SUMMER classes here at TN in unconditioned buildings and am the only girl in several of my classes…so if it is ok for guys to wear bball shorts I am going to wear my nike tempos and my oversized shirts. Why because it is HOT jeans are a no go even capris are too hot. About 2 times a week I wear real clothes but I typically just stick to the nike tempo. Then again I am in college to get a degree in engineering and don't really give a DAMN about what people thing about how I dress.


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