>My favorite discount clothiers, because “clothiers” sounds fancy!

>Like Miss Northern Belle, I have champagne taste on a beer budget. Though these days it’s more like champagne taste on a Natty Lite budget, I suppose. (c;

Despite including a couple of items from Target and Delia’s in my last post, I haven’t shopped at either of those stores for clothes in a while… especially Delia’s, as I can’t attest to being able to squeeze into junior’s sizes anymore. Although I MIGHT have just placed an order for the Delia’s coat and scarf from my last post, as well as these babies:Converse All-Star Ox in blue surf.

So thank you, AngryJulie, for bringing these back into my mind’s forefront as I was ordering my coat and scarf today. And thank you Mrs.SouthernBride and MojitoMaven for your Converse All-Star seals of approval via Twitter today. (c;

So, provided that I like everything and it all fits, the red dress and Target-brand Uggs from my last post will have to wait. I’m not sure if I’ll be going to any Alabama games this season, so the dress can wait for sure.

Because I don’t make tons ‘o cash, I can’t afford my favorite brands such as J. Crew, Banana Republic, Lily Pulitzer, Boden, or Tory Burch on a regular basis (although I will hit up the J. Crew clearance rack from time to time.) Instead, I’ve found some other stores that carry the same sort of styles at half the price.

Kohl’s. Kohl’s is my only store credit card, and they treat their cardholders really well. I’m constantly getting coupons in the mail for 15% and 20% off my total purchase. And their clearance racks are great if you have the time to scour through them. I really like their Apt. 9 line, as well as Daisy Fuentes, Vera Wang and the new Lauren Conrad Collection.

Macy’s clearance rack. I always find cute tops here. I recently got a $25 gift card for filling out a bunch of surveys with e-rewards. I found 2 really cute tops on the clearance rack for a total of $10 — a very preppy long-sleeved blue and white stripe button down shirt from Charter Club (with ruffles!) and a short sleeve blue dipdye top from Style&Co.

JCPenney. Believe it or not, they have some CUTE stuff. I really like their Common Genes jeans line — they are usually on sale for $29.99 and look and feel like a much more expensive designer brand. I have these and I hope to get a pair or two more. And I found a cute top from the I heart Ronson line. I also like their American Living line (so obviously Ralph) but have yet to buy anything from it.

Old Navy. Always good for basics! Nuff said.

Ross, Marshall’s, and T.J. Maxx. I haven’t bought anything from any of these places in a while, but they’re always fun to scour if you have the time.

What are your favorite places to shop when you’re on a Natty Lite budget?

5 thoughts on “>My favorite discount clothiers, because “clothiers” sounds fancy!”

  1. >Thank you for posting this! I am always up for finding good deals! I feel like so many bloggers only write about expensive clothing, when you can really look cute for a much less price.


  2. >JCP has some really cute accessories and usually very much on sale!I am very much a TJ Maxx lover, but I don't do too much picking through the racks (except for sportswear) I am usually an "end cap" gal. It helps living 2.5 seconds from it though b/c I pop in pretty regularly. Matt almost exclusively shops from TJ's.I really like Target and some of their stuff actually holds up as well as some of my "pricier" pieces.I think a really great fitting pair of jeans will make the difference to any outfit, so that's where I invest and then look for deals everywhere else.


  3. >thanks for the shoutout!! I LOVE that scarf, in fact I starrred your last post in my google reader because I want to order it too!! I signed up for twitter a while ago but then never did anything with my account, when I get a free moment I'll have to figure it out and start to get into it again 🙂 I'll let you know when that happens!


  4. >You and I would shop well together. There is nothing that makes clothes feel better than to have gotten them way on sale!My personal favorite is Belk – I shop there all the time and never pay more than 50% of the price. I've even gotten 90% off designer jeans before – $22 instead of $220!!!


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