>My fall wishlist

>Some budget fashions that I am craving for late fall and winter.

First up is Tar-jay:

Target’s brand of Ugg boots. They’re only $24.99 and they have some great reviews on their site. I have yet to fall for the Ugg trend, but honestly, these would be so great for taking the dog out in the morning among other things.

New Alabama gameday dress! Merona wrap dress from Target, $24.99. To be worn with the Gap houndstooth flats from this post, except they seem to be sold out, boooooo!

Now, my favorite place to shop from while in high school, Delia’s:
Then, when it gets colder, I’ll don the Devin military peacoat from Delia’s in pomegranate, which is currently on sale for $69.50.Add the $19.95 Juliet houndstooth scarf and voila!

This teenage Delia’s model has no idea that she is sporting typical cold-weather Alabama Crimson Tide fashion.

Since we’re in the Crimson Tide mood, let’s head on over to Old Navy.Some knockoff Wayfarers in crimson? For $5? I think yes! Although I have tried these on a few times and I think I look ridiculous.

I recently acquired 2 pairs of Nike running shorts on sale from Kohl’s, one of which is the Nike Tempo short. I am in LOVE. I also got 2 new Champion sports bras that are so supportive and comfortable. I also got a pair of black leggings from the shop that I am doing Web work for, but I have yet to muster the courage to open the package and try them on.

8 thoughts on “>My fall wishlist”

  1. >ohhhh I love that coat!!!I bought leggings from Target last weekend. $6. I LOVE THEM. LOVE THEM. HAve to resist the urge to wear them in public. SO COMFORTABLE. Which I knew, but forgot. I NEVER wore jeans in HS or College. I was all leggings all the time. Of course my 40 year old ass & thighs look a bit different from my 14-22 y.o. ass & thighs. lOL


  2. >Thanks for sharing! I refuse to spend the money to get Ugg boots but have a knockoff pair from Delia's from a few years ago. They're looking a little ick and I've been dying to get new ones. Target here I come!


  3. >How much were the shorts at Kohl's if you don't mind me asking? I'm in the market for some but don't want to pay $25 for shorts.Love the dress and coat! I need to make a trip to Target but I'm afraid I won't be able to refrain!


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