>Camping time!

>Yep, it’s that time! Camping time!

Brian and I bought a tent a couple years back, but we have yet to use it. We recently bought matching sleeping bags (duh, so we can zip them together!) and a LED lantern. We’re bringing fishing gear, and we already had a camp stove, so just add in a cooler stocked with good food and we are all set!

We are going to northeast Alabama, to one of the state parks. We’re getting an improved campsite that will have running water and electricity. We plan on fishing, hiking, swimming, and taking lots of photos of the beautiful scenery. Deer sightings are very common. We’re really just looking forward to having some quality time together more than anything else. There have been so many distractions lately.

I haven’t been camping since I was young enough to be a Girl Scout, but I think I’ll do OK. There is a bathhouse with showers and sinks so as long as I can shower off every day, I will survive. Brian is daring me not to wear any makeup at all, so we’ll see how that goes. Yikes. Pretty sure I’ll still be wearing some mineral foundation.

We’re leaving Saturday and coming back either Monday or Tuesday. Hey, if I’m going to get handed more furlough days at work, I’m going to take advantage of them.

6 thoughts on “>Camping time!”

  1. >That sounds so fun! I haven't been camping in almost 10 years, but my family goes every summer. I was hoping that we'd get to go with them this year, but it didn't work out. Chris has never officially gone camping, so I'm hoping to rope him into it some time soon 🙂


  2. >Lord have mercy, to be perfectly honest, I don't do camping. I recently saw a cute pink camper on someone's blog. I think I might be able to sleep inside that in my back yard (with the right wine)! I do hope you have wonderful "quality time" with your husband. I'm spending "quality time" with mine on Sunday afternoon at a sports bar–watching the Bucs game! That's "almost-camping" to me!


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