>My bridal avatar, sushi, and Tiger Woods!


I created a bridal avatar at The Knot! How cute is that? It kind of DOES resemble me on my wedding day! You can make yours here!

I had a WONDERFUL weekend! I worked late Friday, slept in on Saturday, ran to Aldi, then picked up Brian at the airport. He managed to win some money at the blackjack table in Fort Lauderdale, so we went out for a sushi dinner date! We went to Sekisui Birmingham in Vestavia Hills City Center and it was the best sushi dinner we have had here in Alabama. We used to go to a sushi place when we lived in West Palm Beach in 05-06 that was AMAZING — just a little hole-in-the-wall — and we haven’t been able to find anything good here in Birmingham since. To me, a sushi restaurant should not try to be a nightclub or be overly concerned with its $10 martini selection. I also don’t like for it to be lumped in with teppanyaki, a la Stix or Sumo. I want it to be about the SUSHI!

I used a $25 gift certificate from restaurant.com. Right now they are running a special — all certificates 60% off with code ENJOY. So our $25 gift certificate was only $4! With appetizer, 2 entrees and dessert, our bill was only $36! Not bad at all. I had chirashi sushi, Brian had the sushi supreme, and we shared a beef sashimi appetizer that was out of this world! And tempura ice cream for dessert. Yumyumyum.

Today Brian decided that he was going to make homemade kimchi, so we ran to Winn-Dixie and Publix to stock up on groceries and get the ingredients for his kimchi. We also might have run by the used CD and game store and bought Guitar Hero World Tour for Wii on sale and Tiger Woods 08 for PS2.

A rockin’ storm is about to come through, but let’s just say that my mood is much improved over 2 posts ago. We will get through this year just fine. I love Brian so much and being married has put us at a new level together that’s hard to explain, but if you’re married, you know just what I mean! I can’t believe we’ll have been married for 5 months in just 5 days!

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