>Woe is….

>I found out today that I have 5 more days of furlough for the year. I will lose 1.5 paychecks in 2009 when it’s all said and done.

I also just committed to being in my high school best friend’s wedding in December. But I WILL make it work. I will find a way to make up for the lost income and pay for the dress, the travel, the hotel, the hair, the nails.

There are a lot of people in much worse situations than me. I am still employed. That is my mantra.

For the meantime, I might have to stop reading blogs in which writers blab incessantly about what sort of clothes or home furnishings or cars they’ve bought. Bless them because they’re the people feeding the economy these days, but I am not where they are, and I fear I never will be.

I grew up in a household in which my mother never had to work. We had bi-monthly visits from the cleaning ladies and lawn service. My father was a successful insurance executive bringing in six figures. I don’t know if that’s exactly the sort of life I want or not. But I at least want to survive.

/end soul baring.

7 thoughts on “>Woe is….”

  1. >I'm sorry to hear about the extension of your forced furlough 😦 It's tough these days. I grew up in a similar household, where my mom never worked outside the house and we had a cleaning lady come once a week. Sometimes I think that I'd like that kind of life, but then other times I think I would just be so bored!


  2. >I am sorry to hear that. Just know that many, myself included, are right there with you in tight financial times right now. You will notice that I have not posted one single shopping post in several months on my blog! I understand, girl.


  3. >This is the economy. Not you. Hunker down, hone skills, keep your eyes open and you will come out of this period all metaphorical guns-ablazing. This is the third recession I've been through as a working person, just in case you wonder how come I sound so certain:).


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