We’re Internet famous

Hubby and I are kind of Internet famous.

That is, if you’re looking at the Web site of our wedding videographer, Superium Productions. Their Web site header features several rotating photos of brides & grooms, including two photos of the hubs and me — one from our “Love Story” video session at Fort Morgan, Ala., and one taken immediately after the wedding ceremony during beach photo time. Have I mentioned how wonderful the weather was and how beautiful the clouds were that day? It was just gorgeous.

Nick at Superium (You can follow him on Twitter too! I totally take credit for getting him on there.) was kind enough to send me the original jpegs of those two photos. Just the stills he has posted on their blog and the wedding trailer are enough to make me nearly pee in my pants with excitement. I might need a Xanax before I actually watch the wedding video in its entirety. haha. It should be ready soon. Superium has been swamped with a lot of weddings this spring & summer, so I am trying to be as patient as possible!

Anyway, here are the stills he used in his blog header that thereby make us famous:


I love this photo, almost more than some that our photographers were taking on the beach at the same time! I’m thinking about getting this printed as an 8×10 and framed. You can see the buildings at Gulf Shores Plantation behind us, although we were actually at The Beach Club.


Here hubby is rocking his Tommy Bahama shirt, Costa visor and cut-off khakis and I am rocking my silk Lilly Pulitzer halter dress. I can’t remember the name of the print but it has a little bit of orange in it. I’m not a fan of the really “Lilly” looking shifts & dresses, but I just loved this one, and it was on sale at Belk too! Hmm, it looks like hubby was cracking a joke at the time this photo was taken. Funny how hubby has lost about 15 lbs. since this photo and I have gained 8 lbs.! Not fair!

I love the blue door — this is inside the actual fort itself at Fort Morgan. if you’re ever in the Gulf Shores area, I highly suggest the drive out to Fort Morgan — so much history and the fort itself is so beautiful and great for photos, obviously.

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