>Where I’ve lived

>I’ve been thinking about where I’ve lived a lot lately and how it’s shaped me as a person. It takes some explaining! Here goes:

I was born in Atlanta, Ga., at Northside Hospital. At the time, my parents lived in a home in Roswell, Ga.

Around the time I turned 1, my parents moved to Franklin, Tenn. They lived there for less than 2 years. Had we continued living there, I would have gone to Franklin High School (I think).

Then, shortly after I turned 3, we moved back to Georgia and this time settled in Marietta, Ga. for another year and a half. Had we continued living there, I would have attended Pope High School, the high school next door to the one I actually DID attend.

When I was 4, we moved to Irvine, Calif. I attended my last year of preschool and kindergarten there. I went to Bonita Canyon Elementary School and had we not moved, I would have attended University High School, right next to the UC-Irvine campus. I have a lot of great memories from this time.

When I was 6, we moved to Katy, Texas. I attended first grade at Pattison Elementary School. Had we not moved, I would have gone to Taylor High School.

Finally, we moved back to Marietta, Ga., where I attended Timber Ridge Elementary starting in second grade. We stayed put there. My dad had to change jobs a couple times to make it happen (he worked in the managed care industry, there were always a lot of changes about) but I was able to stay in one spot until I graduated from Walton High School in 2001.

2001 was the year I set out for The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Ala. I spent 4 great years there. Best time of my life.

After graduation in 2005, I headed back home to Marietta, Ga. to work at the local paper. That lasted all of about 3 months. I was living at home and so stir-crazy!

So, I set off to West Palm Beach, Fla., to join the now-hubby who left Tuscaloosa to work at the famed Mar-A-Lago resort (owned by Donald Trump) on Palm Beach. We were there for a year. I was just too homesick for my friends and family in Georgia and Alabama.

So in 2006, we moved back and settled in the Birmingham, Ala., area, where we’ve been ever since.

So, all in all, I have lived in 6 states and 8 cities!

Where have you lived? Just one place all your life or frequent moves like myself?

4 thoughts on “>Where I’ve lived”

  1. >I was born in Minot, ND and lived there until I was two. We moved to Woodbridge, VA where I completed preschool at St. Michael's. We moved to Colorado Springs, CO where I completed kindergarten and first grade at Explorer Elementary and moved to another part of town where I attended second grade at Grant Elementary. We moved to Prattville, AL where I attended third grade at Pratville Elementary. We moved back to Woodbridge, VA where I did fourth and fifth grade at Lakeridge Elementary School and sixth grade at Lakeridge Middle School. We moved to Minot, ND where I attended seventh grade at Bishop Ryan Catholic High School and then eighth grade at Memorial Middle School. We moved to Prattville, AL where I attended ninth grade at Prattville High School. We moved to Colorado Springs, CO where I attended tenth grade at Air Academy High School. We moved to Great Falls, MT where I attended eleventh and twelfth grade at Charles Marion Russell High School. After graduation my family moved back to Colorado Springs, CO and I moved to Missoula, MT for school. My dad is an officer in the United States Air Force and will potentially be moving back to Minot, ND or Great Falls, MT next summer. 🙂


  2. >Wow! You moved around a lot! Don't you just love Birmingham?! Doodles is behind the Summit right next to the CVS. It is in this little white building with green trim. You should definitely go! I lived in Birmingham for 7 years before moving to Villa Rica,GA (not too far from Marietta!) before that I was in Memphis, TN, Jacksonville, FL and Lakeland, FL. 2 years ago my husband & I moved to IOWA–eek!, and are happy to be back down south!


  3. >That;s amazing! I've lived in Birmingham my entire life. I actually never moved until I got married (at 19). Since then we've moved three times, but have never left B'ham. And, I think I might have a meltdown if I did. I love it here! I hope you do!


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