>Blogging slump…and my pretty flowers!

>Well… I suppose you could say I’ve been in a bit of a blogging slump.

I keep promising more wedding recaps, but it seems when I’ve posted those in the past, I got no feedback. But then I remember that this is really for my benefit, to document our wedding day so I don’t forget everything!

Part of the reason I’ve been stalling is because I am really anxious about receiving our wedding video from Superium Productions. I think having the video would help bring back some of the details that I’ve forgotten or may have never even seen. So I am debating on whether I want to hold off on more wedding recaps until I get the video or not.

However, I did get the other thing I’ve been waiting on in the mail via UPS the other day….my preserved wedding bouquet!

I apologize for the poor photo quality…I took it on my cell phone!

I am really, really pleased with the final product, even though it cost upward of $500. Ladies, if you are thinking of doing this, do know that most will cost $500+, so be sure to factor that into your budget!

I chose Keepsake Floral to do my bouquet preservation. I opted for an 11×14 shadowbox, which is priced at $466 on their Web site now. Add in $25 for silk dupioni fabric background, $50 for embroidered monogram, $25 for bouquet resemblance fee and we’re already at $566 plus shipping! So you get the idea.

The background fabric I chose is the taupe silk dupioni, the monogram was done in cinder blue in the master circle font style, and while I opted for the antique silver frame, I think they might have actually given me the the antique gold frame…probably because it looked better with the taupe background and my ribbon and flowers. Originally I wanted one of the “weathered” shadowbox styles, but the upcharge for those type of frames is $50, and I think the antique gold/silver (whatever it is) is a more classic look anyhow.

So while the bouquet preservation cost a great deal, I am VERY happy with the result and I plan to keep it in my family for generations!

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