>The busy just don’t stop

>Wow, it has been a busy week! I know I promised more wedding recaps a couple posts back, but I have yet to be able to sit down and upload photos and gather my thoughts just yet.

Instead, I’ve been busy at work, with my freelance side job, and with things around the house. And it looks like things are going to continue to be busy for me.

This weekend my MOH is coming into town and so we’ll be meeting up. Also, Brian and I are visiting his great aunt who is in rehab after breaking her ankle. And lastly, I am getting a tall pine cabinet with a pull-down secretary door from my parents and we’re planning on painting it a glossy dark red (I prefer to call it crimson, haha) and rehabbing it to put in our entryway as I posted about recently. It’s literally just been sitting in their garage and my mom remembered it the other day. I’ll be sure to post some before and after photos. Oh, and I have a much-needed eye doctor appointment on Saturday morning.

The weekend after this I will be helping out my Alabama Gamma Phis with Recruitment 2009! I’ll be there for the last two rounds doing what sorority advisors do. I’m actually taking Friday off work to help — what can I say? I’m a devoted volunteer. I have heard nothing but FABULOUS things about their preparation for this year and I know they’re going to get an excellent pledge class! They have been in Recruitment workshop since Monday — at Alabama, Recruitment is a weeklong affair and workshop is another week on top of that. There are 1,500 girls signed up to go through this year, which is down about 5 percent from last year due to the economy. But honestly… the pledge classes were getting SO large so I think it’s a bit of a relief to everyone.

I hope everyone’s week is going great!

2 thoughts on “>The busy just don’t stop”

  1. >Looks like you are keeping busy! I was a Tri Sigma myself and have tried to stay involved in my chapter although not as an advisor. The process to become one was ridiculous so I got upset and told them to forget it. lol Jenwww.afterthealter.com


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