>Back into the groove

>I’m finally starting to fall back into the groove after a crazy, crazy week. Covering Southeastern Conference football Media Days last Wednesday-Friday totally took it out of me. I ended up working the equivalent of 4 days in 3 days’ time, so I’m taking a little bit of comp time this week.

Then this weekend, one of my BFFs/bridesmaids came into town with her new man on Saturday and we all went out for Thai food and martinis. They stayed at our house Saturday night.

Now I’m busy writing several sorority recommendations for ladies going through Rush (we call it Recruitment now!) at the universities of Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. Plus I have some paperbackswap.com books to send out, and I think hubby and I are FINALLY going to see The Hangover tonight.

Also our poor Mango has been having some skin allergies, so we’ve got to get her to the vet this week for an allergy shot. This happened last summer too.

We’re also trying to plan out a Labor Day weekend trip to Austin, so hopefully that will all fall into place this week. I have been DYING to go to Austin for a long time. Hubby’s best friend is moving back into his house there, plus another groomsman lives there as well, so it will be nice to have some locals to show us around.

My next post will be part 4 of our wedding day recaps!

3 thoughts on “>Back into the groove”

  1. >Wow you are one busy woman!!! You need to schedule yourself a quiet massage soon. 🙂 The Mirena does have hormones just not estrogen which is what seems to cause my problems. XOXO


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