Cue the awwwws


Exhibit A. This is our dog Mango, back when she was a wee little 6-week-old 4 lb. ball of fur. This photo was taken the week after Christmas 2007.

This photo is, in fact, so cute that Mango made CuteOverload.com. Really. You can see it here.


Exhibit B. This is another one of my favorite of Mango in March 2008 at 4 months old. Around this time, her ears started getting really big. They had this tendency to flop inside out and it never seemed to bother her. She NEVER grew out of it.


Exhibit C. Finally, here she is late last year in her fully-grown 80 lb. glory. Yep, 80 lbs. She has really long leg for a Lab too.

She’s the zaniest girl I know. And we love her.


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