Monday morning stress plus our 3-day weekend

Last night around 9, hubby gets a call from work. He tells me he is going to go in for a couple hours to clean some kitchen equipment that apparently really needed cleaning. This is all fine with me — more hours equals more paycheck for him.

Hubby leaves around 10. I get in the shower, pack my lunch for work today, and am all ready to tuck into bed and pick up where I left off reading HP & the Half-Blood Prince (I’m re-reading it before the movie release). Well I can’t find either of my cell phones. I can’t find my purse, period. And I can’t try to find my phones by calling them because hubby is at work with his cell phone, and we have no landline.

So I just go to bed, thinking that I probably left my purse at my parents’ house last night when we stopped by after the grocery store. When hubby comes in the bedroom, I tell him as much and he agrees that it’s probably there.

So this morning I get ready for work and go to my parents’ house. Mind you I have my car keys — they weren’t missing. I always hang them up my the front door. I arrive at my parents uannnounced, it’s pouring down raining, and the purse is nowhere to be found. They let me use their phone to see if my purse/phones are somewhere in my car. Not there.

So I mid my parents farewell and go back home. I grab hubby’s phone. Takes me about 5 minutes to figure out how to dial — he’s got one of those crazy touch-screen Verizon phones. Finally I dial and I hear my phone in the other room. I search, search, and finally find my purse UNDER THE SOFA. The culprit? Our Labrador Mango. She had been playing with her bone last night and in her excitement I’m pretty sure she pushed my purse under the sofa. It had been on the floor by the coffee table.

So finally I arrive at work today almost an hour late — wet, stressed, and exhausted because I didn’t sleep well last night not knowing where my purse was. All this running around business could have been averted if I had just been able to call my cell phone last night, or this morning before I went running to my parents’ house. Blargh.

Today and tonight’s stress aside, hubby and I had a great 3-day weekend. Friday we went to the local water park, hubby washed my car, and we stocked up on a few things at Sam’s Club, including Rainier cherries, which are the bomb.com.

Saturday hubby had to work from 11-7, but I washed our sheets and quilt and got some other things done around the house, and when he got home we went to the Thunder on the Mountain fireworks display in Birmingham.

Sunday I gave the dog a bath and Furminated her, we did some gardening, we made a quick trip to Publix, we stopped to see my parents, watched Ocean’s Thirteen, and hubby cooked steaks on the grill for dinner.

I hope your holiday weekend was fun!

1 thought on “Monday morning stress plus our 3-day weekend”

  1. Sometimes I cannot find my phone because my dog oreo likes to lay down on electronic devices. You should see how fast a dog runs away when the phone she is laying on begins to vibrate!


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