>Updated post wedding to-do list


  1. Create and order photobooks for bridesmaids & groomsmen. I’m thinking 4×6 Snapbooks from Shutterfly.
  2. Change my name with billers. (bank, DMV, and SS are all done!)
  3. Make Disney honeymoon scrapbook.
  4. Formally change my name at work.
  5. Figure out what I want to do with my dress.
  6. Sell some wedding-related items.
  7. Write more wedding day recaps and start on honeymoon recaps.

All thank yous are written and sent, I’ve written thank yous to my bridesmaids, and I found a 4×6 silk photo album on sale at Kohl’s (seriously one of my favorite stores ever!) for the 250 4x6s that came with our photography package. More than likely I will order 50 more from Shutterfly to fill out the whole album. I also made a password-protected Shutterfly share site for friends and family to view photos and order prints.

I’m opting not to get a professional scrapbook-style album made right now (Like these). My photographer charges $500+ for those types of albums. I already dropped a lot of cash on bouquet preservation and that is more important to me. Honestly, if I brushed up some more with Photoshop, I could order some collage templates from eBay and design it all myself! Plus I have ALL the photos on DVD and that leaves a lot of options open for the future.

I am still waiting for my preserved bouquet to arrive in the mail, along with our wedding video. I am thinking about inviting all our local friends and family over for a wedding video viewing party. Is that a pretentious thing to do? But I’ve had a lot of friends ask about the video and if they can see it, including friends who couldn’t make the wedding. It would probably be the only chance for them to see it. So what do y’all think?

4 thoughts on “>Updated post wedding to-do list”

  1. >Honestly? Yeah, I think it is a little vain. But we had family and friends want to come over to watch it too, so we did it!! We had our families over for dinner and sat around drinking afterwards and laughing at the video. They loved it! And so did we!I say, if they are asking, it's fine. If they are not interested, definitely don't shanghai them into it, haha!


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