The Rusty Nail


This is what ruined my Saturday. A rusty nail.

First off, I slept in too late and didn’t make my hair appointment, so no bobbed hair just yet. I’m going to reschedule for this week or next.

So…the nail. Brian is working on replacing windows in our laundry room, which overlooks the backyard. They’re the old louvered glass windows and we’re putting in regular glass panes, which put in a lot more light, allow us a better view of th backyard (and Mango’s antics in it) and it will help save a lot on heating/cooling costs.

So anyway, Brian had pulled out the old windows an the wood framing. I was working on getting the wood up to the front yard for the garbage truck to pick up. Luckily in our town you can throw pretty much anything next to the road — tree trimmings, wood, whatever — and a special garbage truck with a big claw comes by to pick everything up once a week. This is in addition to the twice-weekly regular garbage service.

I took some of the wood to the front yard for pickup, but it was getting nasty after a couple trips because some of the wood was rotted. So I asked Brian where his work gloves were. He tossed his car keys down to me (our laundry room sits up a little high) because his work gloves were in his truck. I went and got the work gloves, put them on, and tossed his keys back up to him but barely missed getting them over the edge. I went to get the keys and somehow misstepped onto a piece of wood that had come from the window framing. Blam! A rusty nail goes through my shoe and into my foot.

We went to the local urgent care and I got a tetanus shot right away. I got x-rays and luckily they didn’t see that any rubber from my shoe had gone up there. As a precaution, they numbed my foot –which was totally the worst part — the numbing injection hurt like hell — and the doctor explored the area and irrigated my foot. They gave me prescriptions for antibiotics and generic Lortab.

So that was my Saturday. I hope your Saturday rated better than mine!

Now I am at home with Brian eating a late dinner and watching The Wrestler. He has taken great care of me and did a great job of calming me down and making me laugh all day. Husbands rock.

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