>’PWD’ and Find Your Spot

>Without fail, I always have a tough time on Monday mornings. Pulling into work, I literally felt like I could fall asleep right then and there.

I am feeling very blessed today because the hubby got his work schedule changed! He was working from 4 p.m. til close (which is 10 p.m.) M-Th at his restaurant, which amounted to about 26 hours per week. Now he is working noon-8 p.m. M-F giving him a full 40 hours a week. Now we can actually eat a late dinner together and spend some time together in the evenings. The only downside is that Mango is alone for about 6.5 hours in the afternoon now. She is still crated because she is still a chewer, but I hope in the next year that she can be let out of the crate when we are gone.

PWD: Like the Broke-Ass Bride, I have been experiencing a little PWD (Post-Wedding Depression). I’ve completely fallen off the fitness wagon but have been easing myself back into it with some Wii Fit and walks with Mango. I am most likely going to cancel our YMCA membership to save money and instead embrace the Wii, my workout DVDs, and more walks with the pup, who is always happy to oblige. I also have a Tony Little Gazelle that has never been used. It’s tough to be active in the South during the summer. The humidity makes me want to curl up somewhere soft, cool and dark and take a nap after work every day.

Find Your Spot: Hubby and I are thinking seriously about changes we want to make in our lives. We are making our careers a priority and so because of that, we are fairly certain that our future may not include Birmingham. I took the FindYourSpot.com quiz and here are the results. I designated only the Southeast plus Arizona, Nevada and California as places I am interested in living. I also designated medium and large cities — no small towns.

1. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
2. Austin, Texas
3. Houston, Texas
4. Little Rock, Arkansas
5. Memphis, Tennessee
6. Charleston, South Carolina
7. San Antonio, Texas
8. Fort Worth, Texas
9. Orlando, Florida
10. Augusta, Georgia
11. Tampa, Florida
12. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
13. El Paso, Texas
14. Jacksonville, Florida
15. Las Vegas, Nevada
16. Phoenix, Arizona
17. Nashville, Tennessee
18. Dallas, Texas
19. West Palm Beach, Florida
20. Alexandria, Louisiana
21. Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana
22. Bryan-College Station, Texas
23. Brownsville, Texas
24. Ocala, Florida

Haha, notice how the list is totally dominated by Texas and Florida, both states I have previously lived in. And no Alabama cities! lol. Is your city on this list? What do you love or hate about it?

4 thoughts on “>’PWD’ and Find Your Spot”

  1. >Well, I'm from Jacksonville. I don't love it, but most people do. I LOVE Nashville. And I would NOT want to live in the Bryan-College Station area.So there's my two cents!


  2. >Also, EVERY time I take the Find Your Spot quiz, KNOXVILLE is my first choice. And Birmingham NEVER makes the list. I'm not convinced the FYS folks know Alabama exists.


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