>New Moon!

>Ahhhh! Can I tell you that I am so excited about New Moon coming out 11.20.09? If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you can see it here. Sad to say but I am almost MORE excited for New Moon than HP and the Half-Blood Prince on 7.15.09!

So yes, I am a Twilight Saga fan, I’ve read all 4 books, and I still loved the movie despite the bad directing and general choppiness. I bought the movie before I had even seen it, lol. If anyone ever wants to talk Twilight, hit me up! I’ve also read the Midnight Sun draft…does anyone know if Stephenie Meyer is really going to write all 4 books from Edward’s point of view? Or is that all ixnayed now that the draft has been leaked?

So anyway, speaking of movies, I used Redbox for the first time last night. And I got to say, I am a fan! I almost always rent movies knowing I am going it watch it that night, so I heart Redbox because it’s only $1/night. But the best part is that my movie last night was free because I signed up with them online and got a promo code! Woohoo! I rented Bride Wars. It was cute but obviously it was not Oscar-worthy. A girl needs a good chick flick now and then. And since Brian was at work last night it worked out perfectly — he refuses to watch chick flicks with me. Although he did watch Twilight with me all the way through. He’s a good hubby, what can I say?

I am trying to think about how I want to handle wedding blogging from here on out, aside from the wedding day recaps. I think I might do posts highlighting just the cake, just the flowers, etc., much like I did with my dress. It seems that eye candy works best for wedding blogging. Is there anything specific anyone wants to know out there about having a beach wedding? I’d be happy to answer any questions.

2 thoughts on “>New Moon!”

  1. >Now I can see why you commented on my Twilight post! Ha.Unlike your husband, my boyfriend did not sit through all of Twilight (as you read). However, he did watch Bride Wars with me, so there's some give and take I suppose.And isn't RedBox great? So cheap (if you remember to return the movies, of course)!


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